I Help Women Who've Suffered Life Losses Regain Joy And Remember Without The Pain Using Evidence Based Curriculum.

Using the Grief to Freedom curriculum and the Grief Recovery Method, we work together to heal your broken heart within twelve weeks. You will go from Grief to Freedom!

Why work with Me?

You want to feel better and I can help. Your heart is broken and you are ready to take action oriented steps to heal it. You are ready to take back control of your emotional health and live from a place of emotional honesty and wholeness. You are tired of seemingly happy events turning sad and are ready to define a new normal for yourself because the current normal is not working. 

One-on-one Coaching

12-Weeks personalized private sessions together to heal your broken heart. Through evidence based methods you’ll learn to remember without the pain and equip yourself with healthy coping skills to use for the rest of your life.

Group Program

An 8 week in-person program for women who have suffered life losses and are ready to regain joy.  Through evidence based methods you’ll learn to remember without the pain and equip yourself with healthy coping skills to use for the rest of your life.

Digital Products

Grief Recovery Video Course

What they say

 "Working with Olivia has been transformative. Over the years I thought I handled grief well, until Olivia showed me all the ways I was carrying it and why my burdens were so heavy. Working together, we unearthed what was holding me back in my life and work, getting me to a greater capacity to thrive. I feel like a new person. Every week, I am using the tools and skills Olivia has equipped me with to continue operating from a place of freedom. I highly recommend her workshops, trainings, and coaching. She is a masterful coach, deep listener, warm, and compassionate. She has a vast ability to guide you from the depths of being stuck and weighed down into living a life of complete joy and freedom."

D Starr - Past Participant

"Working with Olivia has brought me to a level of enlightenment that I didn't know was possible. I as able to identify losses not associated with traditional grief, acknowledge them for a short time and then tell them goodbye. As a result I am focused forward, and using the tools daily to support my emotional health. It's literally not a day where this work doesn't touch my life in all aspects of my life."

Anitra - Past Participant

What You’ll Get During Grief Recovery Method  

1. Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialist- Olivia Myles - Guidance of advanced recovery specialist so that you get motivation, structure, bumper rails to keep you focused so you can complete the program and keep you moving forward, who’s been where you’ve been. Olivia specifically and her experience, energy, methods, and personal examples will get you through week to week. 

2. Community and true Partnership- So that you are never alone, you’ll get a small group/partner to develop a meaningful relationship beyond the 8 weeks.

3. Action-Oriented Homework that leads to completion- action-oriented steps (not just talking) 

4. Intentional Sharing - Giving voice, so that it can be released in a safe, nonjudgmental environment. 

What is Unresolved Grief?

If you are unwilling to think about or talk about someone who has died, or express feelings about any other losses. 

If fond memories turn painful, you may be experiencing unresolved Grief. 

If you want to talk only about the positive aspects of the relationship, you may be incomplete. 

Wanting to talk about only the negative aspects of the relationship, might be unresolved Grief.

Unresolved Grief may be at the root of any fear associated with thoughts or feelings about a relationship.

What is Recovery From Grief?

Recovery means feeling better. Recovery is finding new meaning for living, without the fear of being hurt again. Recovery is being able to enjoy good memories without having them turn painful. Recovery is acknowledging that it is perfectly all right to feel sad from time to time and to talk about those feelings no matter how those around you react. 

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